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    5. Java Creating Objects

    How to create object in Java & what its benifit.

    As i said in early lesson that objects is a instance of a class. Each instance have its own unique attribute.

    In this lesson we make two classes. First for the main method and another for a object car.
    Car have the following property:
    Its name in string. Example: "Alto", "Scorpio", " Tavera", "Audi" etc.....
    Its fuel in double. Example: 34.4 , 12.0. 839.343 etc....
    Its fuelLimit in double. Example 100.00 etc...

    It have one method which give the available fuel in that car.

    Let's begin.

    class ObjectTest
          public static void main(String args[])
             Car myCar=new Car();
             myCar.fuel = 25;
             myCar.carName = "Audi";


    class Car
         double fuel;
         double fuelLimit;
         String carName;

         public void getFuel()
             System.out.println("Your car fuel is: " + fuel);

    Here fuel, fuelLimit, carName, are the variables which can store different values.

     In System.out.println("Your car fuel is: " + fuel), fuel is the variable define in class Car. Two or more string or variable or mix of it can be added by using plus sign.

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